India beats China to get elected to UN Commission on Status of Women

New York: – India delivered a major jolt to China in the elections for the prestigious CSW group in the United Nations. China was not able to cross even the 50% mark in the election for the membership of the group. Since the last few years, China has started taking efforts to acquire important positions in international institutions to counter US influence. The efforts have received a major setback due to the CSW defeat.  

TS Tirumurti, Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations, informed about the Indian success in the United Nations. Elections were held on Monday for the membership of the Commission on Status of Women (CSW), a part of Economic and Social Council, in the United Nations. 54 members voted for the selection of 2 members. India and Afghanistan grossed more than 70% votes to get elected. China had to face defeat as it could gross a mere 50% votes. After being selected as a member, India thanked all the members voting for it.   

China had organised ‘World Conference on Women’ in 1995. The Chinese government claimed that it was seriously working on women empowerment. But China failed to get elected to the important UN group working in the field after 25 years of taking the initiative. This once again shows the resentment and discontent regarding China around the globe. A few months ago, India, along with the European countries, had busted a Chinese plot to incorporate the policies of the communist party into a resolution of the United Nations. 

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