India to deploy additional 35,000 soldiers along LAC

New Delhi: China is not willing to withdraw from the Pangong Tso lake region. It has been exposed that China is deploying more soldiers in the Depsang region, near the Line of Actual Control (LAC), in Ladakh. It has been reported that China has deployed nearly 50,000 soldiers and missiles in the Aksai Chin region. While claims are being made that because of these developments, China has apparently prepared for a long-drawn conflict, India has made all the preparations for a fitting reply to any aggression from the Chinese side. Reports are being received, quoting senior military officials, that India has made preparations for deploying 35,000 additional soldiers on the LAC.  

China has claimed that the soldiers have been withdrawn from most parts of the LAC as per agreement and the tension has diffused. But India has openly dismissed this Chinese claim. The Chinese soldiers have not retreated from the Finger 4 and Finger 8 areas of the Pangong Tso lake. China is deploying a large number of soldiers in the Depsang region. New tents and bunkers are being built there. This has become clear in the surveillance photographs taken by the Indian Emisat satellite. Now, the pictures of the Aksai China region also have been published.  

As per reports, China has modernised its military base at Saitula in the Aksai Chin region. China was making these preparations for the last two years. It has been revealed from the analysis of the photographs that China has deployed lethal weapons on this base and has made provision for long term deployment of the soldiers. It has been reported that China has deployed more than 50,000 soldiers in Aksai Chin.  

Against this background, India has made all the preparations to retaliate against any Chinese aggression. The Army has already increased the number of soldiers from the Mountain Brigade, specifically trained for warfare in the mountainous terrain, all along the LAC. At the same time, T-90 tanks, Howitzers and radar systems have been deployed on the Chinese border. Now it is being reported that 35,000 additional soldiers will be deployed along the LAC. The report claims that the official gave this information on the condition of anonymity.   

Not only in Ladakh, but military deployment is also being increased all along the border, even in north-east India. Soldiers who have previous experience of serving in the high-altitude areas like Ladakh and Siachen have been deployed in the Chinese border. These soldiers are acclimatised with the conditions, and their physical and mental strength is better than the Chinese soldiers. This officer claimed that as the Chinese soldiers are facing difficulties in acclimatising with the conditions, the Indian soldiers will prove to be superior. The officer underlined the fact that Indian soldiers discharge duties at Siachen, the highest battlefield in the world.  

The Indian military is not very concerned regarding the Chinese military deployment in the Ladakh region as India has already increased the level of war preparedness in the region. The officer informed that India has deployed more soldiers than China in this region. The soldiers deployed in Ladakh and on duty in the ultra-cold areas will be provided with portable cabins. Additional tents are being supplied in response to the demand made by the Army. The official said that there is enough stock of essential items there.   

Meanwhile, there were many reasons behind the Chinese intrusion attempt in Ladakh. China is worried that India will take over POK, following which the CPEC project will be scrapped. China also fears that thereafter, India will take over Aksai Chin. The anti-China sentiment around the globe following the Coronavirus pandemic, increasing QUAD cooperation between India, Japan, Australia and the United States, the internal unrest in China and the rapid Indian speed of infrastructure development in the border areas are the reasons behind the intrusion attempt. But as per analysts, the ploy has backfired on China.   

China has become extremely restless due to the aggressive Indian stand, following the martyrdom of 20 Indian soldiers in the Galwan Valley and the growing support for the Indian stand, from around the world. Now, this has become a prestige issue for China. China is fully aware that it will be facing embarrassment if it withdrew from its positions. Therefore, China is only trying to while away time and trying to demonstrate its might with military deployment. But some of the analysts believe that more the time China takes to retreat, more the embarrassment it would face. 

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