India and Japan sign an important IT cooperation agreement  

New Delhi – India and Japan have signed an essential agreement for cooperation in the IT sector. According to this, India and Japan will assist each other in 5G, Artificial Intelligence and submarine cables. Indian Information and Broadcasting Minister Ravishankar Prasad and Ryota Takeda, Japanese Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, signed the agreement. With this, the Chinese dream of dominating the Indian 5G sector, bites the dust.  

After the Coronavirus crisis seems to be coming under control, India is taking a spate of crucial decisions on the economic front. Along with bringing the Indian economy on track, India has made preparations to jolt a country like China on various acts. Accordingly, India has increased its cooperation in the IT sector with Japan, which will show results in the times to come. India has made the Japanese collaboration available to itself in the 5G, Artificial Intelligence and submarine cables linked to the IT sector with this agreement. Japanese Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, Ryota Takeda, underlined the importance of the India-Japan relations saying ‘Both the democracies, India and Japan, believe in the same values. Both the countries concur that the Indo-Pacific sector should be free and open. Therefore, I feel that it is vital to develop cooperation between these two countries on multiple fronts.’  

Ryota added, ‘Japan is keen on sharing the Japanese expertise and experience in the 5G sector, with India.’ Japan is already aware of Indian requirements in Artificial Intelligence and Opti Fibre Cables.  

The information has surfaced in this context that last year, India had awarded the contract for laying Optic Fibre Cables between Chennai and Andaman and the Nicobar Islands to a Japanese company. Ravishankar Prasad said that there is a huge investment opportunity in the Indian 5G sector and appealed that the Japanese companies should take advantage of this opportunity and invest in India. Meanwhile, last year, Chinese company Huawei had almost captured the entire 5G market in India. But with the intrusion on the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, China has disposed of every possibility of cooperation from India. The effects are now visible, and India is cooperating with Japan for 5G technology.   

The Indian officials are expressing confidence that the India-Japan cooperation will flourish further in the time to come. The 5G technology will be helpful in agriculture, transport and disaster management. Indian officials informed that Japan has already worked on these before.   

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