Coronavirus vaccination starts in the country

New Delhi – 191,000 people were administered the Coronavirus vaccine on the first day of the vaccination drive started in the country. While the vaccination drive is going on, Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid an emotional homage to the medical workers who were martyred in the war against Coronavirus. The Prime Minister said ‘The personnel from the medical fraternity were serving people without even going home. A few of them could never return home. Remembering those martyred with gratitude, the medical fraternity’s personnel are being given the vaccination first.’   

The Coronavirus vaccination drive in India, watched keenly by the entire world, started on Saturday. The health ministry informed that the vaccine was administered to 191,181 people on the first day. The health ministry assured regarding the safety of the vaccine. But Prime Minister Modi announced that this vaccine is a huge victory for the country, in the war against Coronavirus. The Prime Minister also appealed that even after being vaccinated, the recipients should continue to wear masks and follow social distancing.   

The Prime Minister said, ‘India had taken precautions even before the pandemic’s onset in the country. Even after the pandemic outbreak, the doctors, nurses, paramedics, conservancy workers, and police immediately discharged their duties. They even did not go to their homes for many days. Some of them could never return home. They sacrificed their lives to save the lives of other people. We are trying to express our gratitude by providing the vaccination opportunity to the medical personnel first.’  

The entire world is appreciating the way India tackled the Coronavirus pandemic. The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction saying that the union government, state governments, local administrations, government, and social organisations have set an example of a collaborated campaign. While the pandemic was rampant in China, Pakistan had left its population at God’s mercy. The Prime Minister reminded that India rescued all its citizens from China. The Prime Minister also mentioned that there were no testing facilities available to bring the Indian citizens back from Iran. In this case, India gifted a testing laboratory to Iran and rescued Indian citizens from Iran. Claims were being made worldwide that the vast population will prove to be a weakness for India. But India has converted this into an advantage. Two vaccines have been developed in the country. Therefore, the credibility of Indian scientists and the medical system has increased on the international level. The Prime Minister said that India has earned this trust. Scientists and experts were satisfied regarding the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine. The approval for the vaccine was given only after this. The Prime Minister said that therefore, people should not believe in malicious campaigns and rumours.  

Indian vaccines are more economical and more comfortable to use than foreign vaccines. Some of the foreign vaccines cannot be used with similar ease. At the same time, their cost is in the range of Rs 5,000. These vaccines need to be stored at -70oc. But the Indian vaccines are not like that. Saying that it is easy to transport the Indian vaccine in the Indian conditions, the Prime Minister praised the researchers who have successfully developed this vaccine. He also pointed out that the vaccine is available at a very affordable cost.   

The Prime Minister also praised the restraint shown by the people of the country during the Coronavirus pandemic. The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the country’s people will demonstrate the same kind of patience, now that the vaccine is available. To prepare a vaccine against a disease takes many years. Prime Minister proudly said that India has successfully developed not one, but two vaccines in record time and the third vaccine also is under trials.   

The Prime Minister added that those more susceptible to Coronavirus would be given preference in administering the vaccine. Asserting that the Indian vaccines are safe, the developing countries are demanding the supply of these vaccines from India.   

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