Greece is ready to give a fitting reply to Turkey

Athens: Greek defence minister has warned that Greece is prepared to give a fitting reply to any provocation from Turkey. Recep Erdoğan raised the prospect of conducting a new referendum over the issue of EU membership and also threatened to allow a huge number of refugees into Europe. Tension is mounting in Turkey and the European Union over the issue of the new referendum to be held in April in Turkey. On this background, the warning from Greece can further increase the tension.

A country wide vote is taking place on 16 April in Turkey, after which a Brexit-like referendum about Turkey’s EU membership will be taking place. Erdoğan has threatened saying “no matter what our nation decides we will obey it. The real faces of few European countries are revealed and It should be known that our patience, , has limits.”

The speculation is that Erdoğan will win the referendum to be held in Turkey. If that happens, Erdoğan might take further aggressive stand against Europe. After the failure of military coup attempted in Turkey last year, some of the military officials had taken a refuge in Greece. The Greek Supreme Court had turned down the demand of extraditing these military officers. This has led to further increase in the tension between the two countries causing more skirmishes.

At the same time, Turkish President has threatened to allow a huge number of refugees to Europe, once again. If these refugees land or attempt to land in Greece, it can raise a security issue. Considering this, Greece too has warned that they are ready. Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos stated that the Greek armed forces are ready to answer any provocation. He added saying, we are ready because that is how we maintain peace.

On the background of the Turkish referendum to be held in April, tensions flare between Turkey and the EU. Turkish President, Recep Erdoğan has made various accusations and threats against the EU. Erdoğan strongly criticized Europe as “fascist “, followers of Nazism and the ones using gas chambers and said that Europe’s own hands are stained with blood. Turkish president also gave a stern warning that if Europe does not change its narrow minded approach then European citizens will not be safe anywhere on this earth.

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