Turkey President Erdogan threatens EU to push 3mn migrants if it fails to give £2.5bn

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President Erdogan claimed the EU was not honest

Ankara – The European Union (EU) is not keeping its promises, accused Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey. EU had announced to finance Turkey with £2.5 bn for carrying out the giving refuge  to 3 million Syrian migrants. Outraged on non-receipt of this aid, Erdogan has threatened EU to let loose these migrants into Europe. At the same time, it is reported that the migrants, struggling to enter Europe, have started attacking the police force deployed on the borders of Greece and Turkey.

Due to the conflicts in Syria and Iraq the hordes of migrants have arrived in Turkey. After the increase in the intensity of these conflicts, the numbers of migrants have increased in the past few months. Till date the count of the registered migrants in Turkey is 2.8 million. This does not include the migrants residing illegally, claims the human rights organization. The European Union had already announced funding of £2.5 bn to Turkey that had taken up the responsibility of these migrants.

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In an interview given to one of the news channel President Erdogan informed that out of this, Turkey has just received just $2 million. Accusing the EU Nations to be dishonest, Erdogan has threatened the EU.

“What will happen to Europe if Turkey pushes its 3 million migrants in Europe?”, threatened Erdogan. In order to hinder these hordes of the migrants, the European Union should give away the complete amount of funds to Turkey immediately, demanded the Turkish President.

But, the European Union has rejected all these accusations of Turkey. The spokesperson of the EU, Margaritis Schinas informed that, as accepted, the EU has paid the amount to Turkey. The money funded by the EU is for the migrants and organizations for their welfare. Schinas slammed that the Turkish government has nothing to do with it. Also, the European Union is keeping it words and the same is expected from Turkey, added Schinas.

While the sparks are flying high on the issue of migrants between Turkey and the European Union, tensions have started to build on the borders of Turkey. Thousands of migrants are protesting fiercely on its Turkey’s border with Greece for last few days in their efforts to enter Europe. It is reported that the migrants have launched attacks on the police demanding the Turkish government to remove the border fence and the gates.

These migrants are backed by the group of extremists called ‘No Border Camp’. “Everyone should get an entry in Europe”, is the demand made by this anarchist group. The supporters of this group along with the migrants tried to demolish the fences on the Turkey border. This had led to tensions on the borders between Greece and Turkey. Since the last month, this group had started protesting aggressively on the borders for its demands. The support for this group within the Syrian migrants residing in Turkey is increasing day by day. It is claimed that this is increasing worries for Turkey. 

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  1. onkar wadekar   July 31, 2016 at 3:31 pm

    It seems to be Weapon for Mr. Erdogan or a Goods sold on “sale or return basis”. Gravity of Refugee issue is became more severe than ever.


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