Proposal for talks should not be misconstrued as Pakistan’s weakness, claims Pakistani President

Islamabad: Pakistani President Arif Alvi proposed talks to India, once again, saying that all the problems can be resolved through peaceful talks. At the same time, the Pakistan President warned India that this proposal for talks and the efforts being made by Pakistan for peace should not be misconstrued as Pakistan’s weakness.

National Day was celebrated in Pakistan on Saturday. The Indian Prime Minister conveyed his good wishes to the Pakistani people, on this occasion. Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan, thanked the Indian Prime Minister for the wishes and proposed talks one more time. Since the last few days, Pakistan is consistently talking the language of peace and negotiations. At the same time, Pakistan has emphasised that Kashmir will be the central issue in these negotiations.

At the same time, the Pakistan military is consistently saying that these efforts for peace is not the weakness on the part of Pakistan and the Pakistan President has reiterated the same language to present his country’s stand. Following the Pulwama attack, India has taken an aggressive stance against Pakistan, and its effects are visible in Pakistan, and the country is panicking with the fear of an Indian attack.

Pakistan is threatening of a strong retaliation if India ventured to attack Pakistan, but in reality, Pakistan seems to be trembling with fear. The Pakistan economy has already been grasped by this instability and the question being asked is, ‘How is Imran Khan government planning to bring Pakistan out of this crisis?’ Millions of rupees are being spent on Pakistani war preparations, and the Pakistan economy is bearing the brunt.

The country has clearly realised that Pakistan cannot sustain for long in this situation. This is the reason; the Pakistan military is talking the language of peace with India, and the Pakistan government is proposing talks to India daily. The extremists in that country are warning that this proposal for talks becomes a sign of weakness of Pakistan and this will increase the Indian aggressiveness instead of reducing. There is a general feeling of discontent regarding the Imran Khan government.

On the one hand, the sane analysts and journalists have warned that Pakistan can neither get relieved from the economic crisis unless it comes to the negotiations table with India nor is its image going to improve at the international level. But if Pakistan wants talks with India, it will have to accept the Indian demand for strict action against the terrorists. The sane analysts and journalists are pointing out that doing this, is in Pakistan’s interest. But sections of Pakistani media and analysts who have an anti-India stance, are insisting that this Indian demand cannot be accepted.

The anti-India groups are saying that accepting the Indian demand will amount to surrender in front of India. Therefore, the Imran Khan government is caught in a dilemma and the Imran Khan government is taking care that the anti-India groups are not hurt in the process, of talking to India, and the Pakistan military is trying to prove that although they have the capability to retaliate against India they are taking the initiative just for peace.

This is the reason that the Pakistani leaders need to underline all the time, that Pakistan is not weak and it has not given up the Kashmir issue while proposing talks to India.

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