Former ISI chief shows the mirror to Pakistan

Islamabad: Declining economy, political instability and social rifts are the biggest challenges faced by Pakistan. Asad Durrani, the former head of the ISI, has said Pakistan does not have a threat from India, but by these internal challenges itself. Durrani appears to have given the Pakistani government, who is accusing India of plotting to attack Pakistan, a bit of internal advice.

Asad Durrani, who was the head of Pakistan’s ISI from 1990 to 1993, acknowledged that his country is in a dire state. ‘The enmity between Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey is a deadly threat to Pakistan and a new challenge standing in front of Pakistan,’ Durrani said. At the same time, India has never been a major threat to Pakistan, Durrani said in an interview with a news agency. Durrani highlighted the situation in Pakistan by saying that the challenges faced by Pakistan at the domestic level are more serious.

Former ISI chief shows the mirror to PakistanPakistan faces three major challenges at the domestic level. Pakistan’s economy is declining. At the same time, political instability and social divisions have intensified in Pakistan. There is a sense of alienation among the people in the province like Balochistan. At the same time, the Pakistani government has also lost credibility. ‘This is because there is a feeling that this government is not appointed by the people but by the army,’ Durrani said.

The Pakistani people believe that it was the Pakistan Army that appointed Imran Khan as the Prime Minister. This is the biggest challenge in front of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Pakistan’s military has been interfering in the country’s politics, and this cannot be denied. Asad Durrani admitted that Pakistan is facing huge consequences due to this.

Asad Durrani, a former lieutenant general in the Pakistan Army, has recently published a book titled ‘Honour Among Spies’. Durrani’s outspoken views on the challenges faced by Pakistan are a source of concern to the government as well as the military. The country’s military has been accusing that India is the root of all Pakistan’s problems and that India has been instigating instability in Pakistan. At the same time, Pakistan’s military is intervening politically in the country, claiming that India poses the greatest threat to Pakistan. For the past few months, Prime Minister Imran Khan and his ministers, as well as military-backed journalists, have been claiming that India is preparing to launch an attack on Pakistan. But in reality, the Pakistani military is creating tension by firing on the Line of Control in Kashmir.

However, the Pakistani military’s campaign, which has been successful till date, is now failing and opposition leaders are now openly opposing the Pakistani military. Troubled by inflation and unemployment, the people of Pakistan are holding Imran Khan, along with the army to ransom. In such a scenario, Asad Durrani’s pointing on Pakistan’s root problem is adding to the problems of the country’s military as well as the military-influenced system.

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