Massive explosion in the fuel pipeline in Mexico, 71 dead, more than 85 injured

Tlahuelilpan (Mexico): There was a massive explosion in an illegally laid gasoline pipeline in Tlahuelilpan, in the Hidalgo state of Mexico. 71 people were killed and 85 injured in the explosion. As per information received, hundreds of people are missing after the explosion.

mexico, fuelA shocking revelation that some people are trying to collect the oil, leaking from the burning pipeline has come to the light. There is mafia active in Mexico for stealing gasoline illegally in such circumstances. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had ordered action against such mafia. The Mexican President had also ordered closure of these illegal pipelines.

In the year 2018, these oil theft gangs had extracted oil more than 12,581 times through these illegal pipelines. It has also been revealed that there is an oil theft worth more than USD 3 billion through this route. This increases the importance of this dreadful accident. The Mexican agencies are saying that investigations will soon be carried out in the matter. This dreadful accident brings the issue of Mexican fuel mafia in the limelight.

mexico, fuelMeanwhile, the Mexican President has said that the operation against the fuel mafia will continue even after this accident. President Obrador also clarified that this action will be against black marketing of fuel. The Mexican President expressed hope that the Mexican people might learn a lesson from this gruesome accident and keep away from the fuel mafia.

The fuel mafia had panicked after the Mexican government intensified the campaign against them. It has been revealed that they were carrying out theft of fuel with the help of the locals. In view of this, the Mexican President advised the people to maintain a distance with the fuel mafia. But it is being warned that Mexico has a strong network of fuel mafia and it is very difficult to rid the country of the mafia. The biggest hurdle in the government operation against the mafia is support the mafia receives from the local population which is why the Mexican President seems to be appealing to the people to keep away from fuel mafia citing this gruesome accident.

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