DRDO manufactures Ventilators and Sanitisers

New Delhi – ‘Defence Research and Development Organisation’ (DRDO) has made preparations to face the challenge posed by Coronavirus. Keeping in view the shortage of ventilators in the hospitals, around the country, DRDO has developed the technology for ventilators and has passed on the technology to the companies in the sector. Earlier, DRDO has developed Masks and Sanitisers and supplied them to the Defence Forces, Health Ministry and Delhi Police.

In view of the shortage of ventilators, in the country, DRDO developed a ventilator in collaboration with the Society for Biomedical Research and transferred the technology to the Mysore based Ventilator industry. Dr.Satish Reddy, the Director of DRDO, informed that these companies currently could manufacture five thousand ventilators per month, but with the technology developed by DRDO, the capacity of these companies will increase to ten thousand ventilators per month.

DRDO has started manufacturing Masks and Sanitisers to confront the Coronavirus menace. DRDO has manufactured more than 20,000 bottles of sanitisers and has supplied to the Defence Forces and Health Ministry. Dr. Satish Reddy said that the technology to manufacture these sanitisers has been transferred to the companies in the sector, thereby increasing their capacity to 20,000 litres per day. Other than this, DRDO has also supplied nearly 20,000 Masks.

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