DRDO develops ultraviolet device and automatic sanitiser dispenser to curb spread of COVID-19  

New Delhi: Given the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed a variety of security equipment. The DRDO developed two new technologies – automatic sanitiser and ultraviolet device. Earlier, the DRDO developed Bio-Suits, face shields and Personnel Sanitization Enclosure (PSE) to disinfect the entire body.  

 ‘Since the new Coronavirus outbreak in China, the DRDO has initiated various steps and was engaged in the development of various equipment to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. Now, the DRDO has developed an ultraviolet (UV) device, which can disinfect objects in homes and offices, such as chairs, files and food packets’, the Defence Ministry informed. The device also comes in the form of a box and can be used to disinfect personal items such as mobile phones, files and wallets. The Centre for Fire, Explosive and Environment Safety (CFEES) of the DRDO, has developed this device.  

The CFEES has even developed a sanitiser dispensing unit. The development eliminates the need to touch the unit while dispensing the sanitiser. The sensors built into the instrument causes the dispensation of the sanitiser directly on the hands. The automatic mist sanitizer dispensing units may be installed in hospitals, offices, airports, railway stations, bus stops, residential buildings, shopping malls and other essential locations. They will facilitate the disinfection of the visitors’ hands. Also, the DRDO has developed this unit in collaboration with Riot Labz Private Limited.  

The DRDO is carrying out various experiments and research to fight the rapid spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Recently, the DRDO lab developed the PSE machines for disinfecting the entire body. The disinfection starts with a foot pedal provided inside the chamber. An electrically operated pump fitted in the PSE creates a disinfectant mist of hypo sodium chloride, which is capable of disinfecting the person.  

Meanwhile, scientists at the Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, have developed a testing kit for the COVID-19 infection and claimed it could deliver results within two hours. 

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