Defence Minister Rajnath Singh issues a direct warning to China

New Delhi: – No power in the world can stop Indian soldiers from patrolling in the Ladakh region. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that Colonel Santosh Babu and his 19 colleagues were martyred in this sector while protecting the sovereignty of the country. The Defence Minister issued a stern warning to China while addressing the Rajya Sabha regarding the situation in Ladakh. Rajnath Singh warned China that India would not compromise on the sovereignty of the country and the entire country is standing firm and united behind the Indian soldiers that have been deployed at the border. At the same time, the speech of the Defence Minister mentioned that China suffered a greater number of casualties that India during the Galwan Valley conflict. This issue seems to have hurt China very badly. The Defence Minister, while addressing the Rajya Sabha, informed about the developments on the Line of Actual Control andwarning-to-China frankly presented the Indian stand. Rajnath Singh said, ‘I held talks with the Chinese Defence Minister, and Foreign Minister S Jaishankar held talks with his Chinese counterpart. It was agreed during these talks that the border issue will be resolved through negotiations. But even after that, China is continuing with its activities on the Line of Actual Control. 

Moreover, the Chinese military is trying to change the status quo in this sector. India will never tolerate this. All the Chinese attempts have been foiled by the Indian soldiers so far. The bravery and spirit of the Indian soldiers are unparalleled.’  

Some of the Rajya Sabha members raised a doubt asking whether the Chinese military was obstructing the Indian soldiers while patrolling the region. While answering the question, the Defence Minister asserted that no power in the world could stop the Indian soldiers from patrolling the area. The Defence Minister pointed out that Colonel Santosh Babu and 19 soldiers were martyred during a conflict with the Chinese soldiers, who were advancing on the Line of Actual Control. At the same time, the Defence Minister said that China incurred more casualties during the Galwan Valley conflict. This information seems to have badly hurt China.   

Global Times, the Chinese communist government’s mouthpiece and that shoulders the responsibility of anti-India propaganda, made a fuss that India is spreading incorrect information regarding the Galwan Valley conflict. At the same time, the Global Times has made claims that China has provided the best of facilities to its soldiers in the region, and they are even being served hot food. Therefore, Chinese soldiers can remain in the area for an extended time. Global times has also made a sarcastic remark that the Chinese infrastructural facilities in the sector are far superior to the Indian facilities. The Chinese mouthpiece even bragged that the spirit, capability and numbers of the Chinese military could not be compared to the Indian army.   

Whatever the Global Times brags, it is being exposed that condition of the Chinese soldiers is becoming perilous by the day. Reports have been received that the Chinese soldiers, who are not used to the Ladakh climate, are developing respiratory distress. At the same time, videos of Indian soldiers playing a game of Kabaddi in the same weather have been published. It is becoming evident that the chills down the spines of the Chinese soldiers will increase, proportionate to the intensity of the cold in the sector. Therefore, leave aside fighting a war, it will become a significant challenge for the Chinese soldiers to stay put in this sector. In this scenario, the international media are not willing to believe the tall claims made by Global Times. The international media has to accept that it is the Indian military that is dominating the Line of Actual Control and not the Chinese military.   

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