India foils another intrusion attempt by China in Ladakh

New Delhi: – After teaching China a lesson by taking over the hills south of Pangong Tso lake, China made one more attempt to intrude into Ladakh. But the Indian military foiled this Chinese attempt too. China, infuriated by this, has started accusing that the systems for resolving the border dispute are proving to be ineffective. Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, as usual, has threatened India with dire consequences.  


On 31st of August, Indian soldiers took over the Kalatop and Helmet Top hills, at the south of Pangong Tso lake, thus stopping the intrusion of Chinese soldiers. These are strategically important locations, and this will facilitate the Indian military to keep a good watch on the Chinese movements in the sector. It is reported that the Indian soldiers uprooted the high-quality cameras and surveillance equipment installed by China in this area. China did not expect such an aggressive action from India. Indian Chief of Defence Staff, Bipin Rawat, had warned of military action but China did not take the warning seriously. The Indian military has realised the warning issued by the defence chief to China by taking over the Kalatop and Helmet Top hills.   

Following the Indian military action, Chinese mouthpiece Global Times spewed fire against India. The editorial published in the Monday issue of Global Times has taken note of the increased Indian aggression against China. Global Times made a fuss in the article, ‘China is a peace-loving country, but India is increasing the tension with unnecessary intrusions into Chinese territory. Still, China does not want to enter into a conflict with India, but the Indian aggression is rendering all the systems, for resolving the border dispute, useless. India is dreaming of surpassing China with assistance from the United States. But there is a vast difference in the strengths of India and China.’  

The editorial which claims of China having enormous strength, also warns that China can also get India jaded using Pakistan. The newspaper has threatened that if India starts a conflict on the border, it will have to pay a dear price, and in return, India will not get even one square inch of Chinese land. The editorial of Global Times also notes that taking into consideration the 2017 Doklam standoff, Galwan Valley conflict and now the Pangong Tso lake conflict, the Indian aggression has increased considerably.  

Even during the Doklam dispute and Galwan Valley conflict, threats of dire consequences had been issued to India through the Global Times. But in reality, it was China, who had to face the consequences. China suffered military and economic setbacks due to this. Therefore, India is not taking any serious cognisance of the threats issued through the Global Times and has delivered a strong message to China that henceforth, India will not pay any heed to the Chinese might. 

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