Coronavirus spreads to Africa in 45 countries

Johannesburg: The Novel Coronavirus has spread to 45 African countries and has claimed the lives of 58 people. The number of cases reported from the African continent has crossed 1,900. The pandemic is believed would acquire dangerous proportions in Africa, which is far behind in medical equipment and facilities.

Egypt reported 19 deaths, which is the highest toll in the continent. Also, after South Africa confirmed 554 cases in the country, the government imposed a lockdown. The African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic in the African continent. The institution has opened laboratories across the continent for performing COVID-19 tests in the African countries.

As even the advanced and developed nations are finding it challenging to combat the pandemic, the African countries appear defenceless in the crisis. Given the prevalent conditions, the pandemic would possibly wreak havoc in the underdeveloped and backward African countries.

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