Community bunkers being built in Uri, Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar: The underground community bunkers in the LoC region near Uri, Jammu Kashmir, is being built. These bunkers are being set up to protect the civilians from Pakistan’s gun firing and mortar attacks. Two days ago, three Indians got killed in a skirmish that was initiated by the Pakistani militants at the border. India had summoned Pakistan against it.


Community bunkers

Moreover, 18 underground bunkers are going to be built near the LoC in Boniyar and Uri in Jammu and Kashmir. Six of these bunkers are under progress. Each bunker costs ₹10 lakhs. Furthermore, the bunkers also have rooms and provision for washrooms. The civilians can seek refuge in these bunkers at the time of skirmish at the border. Besides, the civilians had been demanding bunkers for their safety for many days.

The civilians have welcomed the setup of community bunkers and expressed their gratitude. They said that they felt afraid of the gunfire, but now the bunkers are being built for their safety. Moreover, they demanded more bunkers to be built in the border region. As per the news, 125 bunkers are going to be built near the Baramullah and Kupwara LoC region. Furthermore, the target of building bunkers in Jammu and Kashmir is 8000. Meanwhile, this year, Pakistan has violated ceasefire more than 2,500 times near the LoC.

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