Ruling Communist Party proposes unlimited extension in the tenure of Chinese President Jinping

Beijing: Xi Jinping, the Chinese President who has sought status similar to Mao Tse Tung- founder of the Chinese Communist party, has taken steps to ensure that his autocratic rule continues without any restrictions of tenure. A proposal to remove the clause that limits the Presidential tenure to two terms from the constitution was put forth. This clearly indicates that President Jinping will continue to remain in-charge of the Chinese affairs even after 2023.

xi jingping, chinaXi Jinping, became the Chief of the Communist Party and President in the year 2012. After this, he has consistently taken steps to strengthen his hold on the party and the country. Under the pretext of increasing corruption in the party as well as in some parts of the country, he started an aggressive anti-corruption campaign. In reality, this campaign was used to systematically decimate the rivals in the party as well as potential leaders who could have become powerful in the future.

After this, Jinping set out to prove that he is the ‘best and the only leader’ through his actions like declaring himself as the ‘Core Leader’, attending military parades in the military uniform, securing the status equivalent to ‘Mao Tse Tung’- the founder of the Communist party for himself and incorporating his thoughts in the constitution of the Communist party. Moreover, following the footsteps of Mao, to make his position stronger among the Chinese people, a campaign, ‘to replace images of Jesus Christ with those of President Xi Jinping’ under the guise of ’Escape Poverty’ was undertaken.

It seems that Jinping has taken aggressive steps to continue his tenure for an unlimited time, through the ruling Communist party. The Chinese government daily ‘Xinhua’ had published a brief report about this on Sunday. The report says that the Central Committee of the ruling Communist party has proposed the removal of the clause from the country’s constitution that prevents the President and the Vice President from continuing in the office for more than 10 years. Although this is only a proposal, it is clear that it has been done with the approval of Jinping, as the Central Committee has a majority of Jinping supporters.

Sources indicate that a decision on the proposal will be taken only after due discussions but it is said that this will be only a formality. The founder of the Chinese Communist party, Mao, had held the positions of the President of the party as well as the President of the country right until his death. His successor, Deng Xiaoping included the provision to limit the tenure to 10 years in the constitution to avoid the mistakes made in the ‘Mao’ regime. But, now, Jinping seems to be taking this final step for disregarding the provision and fulfilling his ambition of continuing his tenure for an unlimited time.

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