Chinese military should pledge loyalty to President Jinping, orders ‘Central Military Commission’

Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping appealed to the Chinese armed forces to enhance its war preparedness and combat capability in the last week. After the President made the appeal, the ‘Central Military Commission’ ordered the Chinese armed forces to be absolutely loyal to Jinping. The issuance of this order directed towards Jinping is especially attracting attention to itself as it comes after the key congress of the ruling Communist Party, where Jinping was bestowed a leadership status akin to the party founder ‘Mao’. 

Chinese military

As per the new guidelines issued by the Central Military Commission (CMC), the Chinese military must remain absolutely loyal, honest and reliable towards Xi Jinping. It warns that the Chinese military must resolutely follow Xi’s orders, must pledge to follow his orders and must not behave in a manner which would add to his worries. It states that the entity that has given this responsibility to Central Military Commission’s Chief Jinping, must absolutely be followed.

Xi Jinping is the general-secretary of the ruling Communist Party and as the President is the commander-in-chief of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) too. He is also the Chairman of the ‘Central Military Commission’ which is responsible for the PLA. This new order issued to the PLA comes as a shock as it is issued in spite of the PLA having proved its loyalty to the party and the state for the past tenure of seven decades. Some analysts claim that these orders are symbolic of Xi Jinping further strengthening his hold of power on the party, government and country. 

After assuming the responsibilities as the general secreatary of the party and the president in the year 2012, Jinping has succeeded in strategically consolidating his hold of power over the past five years. Many high-ranking military officials had to abandon their positions and face imprisonment due to his crackdown against corruption. Nonetheless, it is believed that a few party leaders and Jinping’s supporters disapprove of his method of working. A few days ago, a senior Communist Party leader claimed that there was an attempt to overthrow the Xi government. 

It has been reported that in the past two years, many leaders in China have been repeatedly delivering speeches and asking their armed forces to be loyal to the party and president. Jinping is believed to become more aggressive in the recent future as the ‘Central Military Commission’, the unit responsible for the armed forces, has now directly issued these guidelines

In the meanwhile, a report states that China’s ‘People’s Armed Police (PLA)’ has released a new song titled, “Be a good soldier for Chairman Xi”. Five decades ago, the Chinese armed forces sang the song, “Be a good soldier for Chairman Mao” for its founder ‘Mao’.

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