14 dead in double suicide bombing in Yemen, IS accepts responsibility

Aden: 14 people were killed in the double suicide attack on the counter-terrorism unit, at the southern port city of Aden in Yemen and this includes six security personnel. The IS group who is trying to establish itself in Yemen, has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Bombing-in-YemenTwo terrorists attacked in the Tawahi district of Aden, the interim capital of Yemen in the afternoon on Friday. The counter-terrorist unit base in Tawahi was targeted by the terrorists. One of the terrorists stormed a car full of explosives into the main gate of the base. Within minutes of this, the second terrorist took another car inside the base and exploded it. Six security personnel and eight civilians were killed in these attacks.

The security agencies in Yemen have posted a claim on the social media of having averted a major sabotage attempt at the Tawahi base. The post says that major damage was avoided as the terrorists were stopped at the main gate itself. The security agency informed that investigations were on for tracing the people behind the attacks. IS has accepted responsibility of the attacks on their website of the ‘Amaq’ news agency. IS has said that their terrorists have carried out the attacks.

IS has carried out attacks in Yemen previously as well. But this is considered to be the first attack in Aden. IS dominates the eastern parts of Yemen. Last year, US fighter jets had attacked the bases of this organisation. There were reports of the US deploying its soldiers in Yemen with an intention to finish the IS. However, concerns are being expressed due to this IS attack in Aden.

Sana’a is the capital of Yemen and since the past one year, the pro-Iran Houthi rebels are in control there. The Houthi rebels have driven away the President of Yemen, Mansour Hadi who has taken shelter in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and its Allied Arab countries had declared war against these pro-Iran rebels since the last two years.

Meanwhile, Saudi had declared Aden as an interim capital. In the month of January, there was conflict between the soldiers loyal to deposed President Hadi and the Houthi rebels. The conflict was for gaining control over the city of Aden. There were no incidents of sabotage after that in Aden.

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