China’s journey from Maoism to Marxism, President Xi Jinping praises Karl Marx

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Beijing: If China aims to attain victory in the future, it will have to adhere to Marxism, said Chinese President Xi Jinping claiming that Karl Marx has been the world’s greatest philosopher. The president has made this proposition on the commemoration of the 200th birth anniversary of Karl Marx, the father of the communism. This proposition of his indicates a bigger political motive. This outpouring of suggestions by President Jinping shows his motive of shifting China away from Mao Tse-tung and closer to Karl Marx.

In a special event, which took place in the Great Hall in Beijing, the capital city of China President Jinping emphasised on the magnificence of Karl Marx and insisted his party to consider him as their idol from now on. ”It is totally correct to have Marxism mentioned on the flag of the Chinese Communist Party. It is also correct to relentlessly promote the Chinese culture alongside the modernization of Marxism. All the members of the Communist Party should read Marx’s work and should accept his ideologies as a “way of life”, such was the expectation expressed by Jinping.

Jinping praised Karl Marx by saying, ‘Karl Marx is greatly acknowledged around the globe even after big changes in the global civilisation after over two centuries. The Marxist ideology sheds light of the truth’ and also encouraged China to walk on the path of Marxism in the future. ‘China must progress rapidly, should take the lead and attain victory in the future. Moreover, it must also focus on the study and utility of Marxism to solve problems related to trade and negotiation’, President Jinping emphasised.

President Jinping indicated that China will here on take steps as per the Marxist ideology by saying, ‘Marx has been the greatest thinker in the human history and today we openly announce that China’s faith in the Marxist ideology is unbreakable.’

The father of the Chinese Communist Revolution that took place in China in 1949, Mao Tse-tung is recognised as the father of the nation and the most popular Chinese leader. In the last 7 decades, China has followed the footsteps of Mao as per his ideology known as ‘Maoism’ and hence, even the communism in China has worked which is based upon Mao’s principles. 

Even though the fundamentals of the Chinese Communist Party were based on Marxism, Mao used this philosophy very efficiently and in a practical manner. Such was China’s stand so far. China had also insisted other underdeveloped nations to promote the Maoist philosophy.

However, President Jinping seems to be drifting away from Maoism since the last few years. Even the events and gathering based on Maoism aren’t widely publicised or even much acknowledged by the government in the last few years. Moreover, Jinping is being promoted to a leader as competent as Mao or even superior than him. Hence, Jinping has been given the pedestal even in the constitution of the Communist Party.

In a event, which happened on Friday, President Jinping seems to be adhering to Marxism for maintaining a firm hold over China, while drifting away from Maoism. China is gloriously celebrating Marx’s 200th birth anniversary in the most modern way with the ruling party’s official consent. President Jinping has clearly shown that China has now moved on to Marx leaving Mao behind. This move of China can prove beneficial for developing good-relations with Russia.

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