China increases the number of Coronavirus deaths by 1,290 owing to international pressure

Wuhan/Washington – China declared that the number of Coronavirus deaths in the country were double of what had been published earlier. This increased the number of Coronavirus deaths in China by 1,290. China covered up, saying that these deaths were missed inadvertently. But apparently, China had to expose this information, as the accusation that China was hiding the facts regarding Coronavirus pandemic from the world became stronger. But with this, China will be facing more fierce allegations from across the globe over the matter.

As per the information recently published by the Chinese government, the Coronavirus pandemic claimed 4,632 lives in China, including the 1,290 deaths declared on Friday. 352 new cases have been reported from China, thus taking the total number of cases to 82,692. Despite this, the citizens of Wuhan and websites had claimed that the total number of deaths in the Wuhan province was between 60,000 to two hundred thousand. US President Donald Trump also has accused China of hiding the factual figures regarding the outbreak.

China had dismissed all the allegations levelled against it by international analysts, the United States, Japan and Taiwan. Similar accusations are being made regarding the new epidemic which has started in China. Around the end of last month, an outbreak, considered to be a new wave of Coronavirus is believed to have started in Wuhan as well as other Chinese provinces. A thousand cases of the new epidemic have been reported so far, and the Chinese government has once again imposed a lockdown on the people. But it has been accused that the Chinese government kept the people of China in the dark, regarding the new epidemic.

Meanwhile, international analysts are claiming that the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic is a part of Chinese biological warfare. Accusations like, ‘This virus was created in a government laboratory in Wuhan’ have also been made. The US President even referred to Coronavirus as a ‘Chinese Virus’. The US Senate has appointed a special committee to investigate the accusations. Stunned with these accusations, China has started to defend itself by saying that the World Health Organisation had given its verdict that the pandemic is in no way related to the Wuhan laboratory.

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