China conducts secret nuclear tests, reports the US State Department  

Washington: – A report by the US State Department, notes that China has secretly undertaken multiple nuclear tests. Although the report has not been officially published to date, a US newspaper carried information regarding the report. Widespread discussions have started on this issue and China has refuted the report.  

The report of the US State Department claims that the nuclear tests were conducted at the Lop Nur base in China and low yield nuclear explosives were used in the tests. The report also accuses China of violating the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), by conducting the tests.  

The US state department’s report says that the Chinese intentions raise suspicion, as China kept the information regarding the tests under wraps. A leading US newspaper carried information regarding the report. A reaction has been received from China regarding the news report. Zhao Lijian, the spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry, denied the accusation, saying that China has always fulfilled its international obligations.   

China is a nuclear country and as per its declaration, it has 300 nuclear weapons. But the Chinese nuclear and defence policies have always been suspicious. The United States and the western countries have time and again criticised that China has been non-transparent in these matters. But China has perpetually ignored the accusations.  

But now, the situation has changed and there is anger brewing in the world against China, who is responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic. The report of a secret nuclear test has surfaced in this situation. Although the United States has not raised this issue on the official level, the pressure felt by China is evident from the reactions of its foreign ministry.  

In the meantime, it has been reported that US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin held discussions regarding the memorandum of Understanding, ‘START’, on the nuclear weapons and missiles. The United States has taken an adamant stand that China must be included in ‘START’, being discussed between the United States and Russia. President Trump has warned that otherwise, the United States will not abide by the agreement. Against this background, the news regarding the US state department report becomes significant.   

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