China’s ‘BRI’ receives shocks from Myanmar and Pakistan

Naypyitaw/Islamabad: – China has woken up from its slumber, with a start, after Myanmar cancelled specific Chinese Projects under the Belt Road Initiative. It has been revealed that Yang Jiechi, a senior official in the Jinping government, has proceeded on an emergency visit to Myanmar. At the same time, BRI is being jolted even in Pakistan. Pakistan military officials have warned that the BRI projects would be under threat from the Taliban and if they are sabotaged, and could spell an economic disaster for Pakistan. Moreover, it has also been reported over the last few months that the ambitious Chinese BRI project is being blocked even in European countries. Myanmar had cancelled a few projects under BRI, after learning a lesson from Sri Lanka and Pakistan, who are firmly stuck in the Chinese debt trap. Myanmar has accused that the Chinese projects lack transparency. China, who became restless with the development, sent senior official Yang Jiechi to Myanmar. Yang Jiechi met State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, President Win Myint and military officials in an attempt to placate Myanmar. China even presented some proposals to Myanmar. But the Myanmar media is claiming that despite all these proposals, the Chinese BRI projects have been disposed of. Just when reports of BRI being rocked in Myanmar are surfacing, similar reports are being received even from Pakistan.   

The groups, Tehrik-i-Taliban, Jamaat-Ul-Ahrar, Hijab-Ul-Ahrar and Mehsud, have joined hands in Pakistan. These Taliban groups had separated in the year 2014. But there is a perceived threat to the BRI projects from these groups who oppose the Pakistan government and military. Pakistan military officials, while talking to the Japanese media, expressed fears that these Taliban groups will attack the BRI projects and the Chinese workers. Major work is being carried out on the Chinese projects in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. This arduous terrain is dominated by the Taliban and its affiliate organisations. Therefore, it is being said that the projects in this area are under a huge threat. This military official has warned that if the Taliban attacked CPEC and other projects, it might lead to an economic disaster for Pakistan and could destabilise Pakistan.   

The Pakistani population is already distraught with the CPEC projects. Massive demonstrations are being held by the people of Pakistan occupied Kashmir against these projects. Whereas, the attacks by the Baloch rebels on the CPEC projects also have increased. It is also being exposed that there is massive corruption in the CPEC projects that involve Pakistan military officials. All the factors have raised the government’s concerns regarding the security of the CPEC projects.   

Meanwhile, China announced the BRI project in 2013 with great pomp. Nearly 70 countries had expressed willingness to join. But after realising the Chinese hidden agenda, some of the nations have withdrawn from the project. This has made China extremely restless.   

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