Bitcoin surges to $9000

Washington: In the last two days, the currency ‘Bitcoin’ has taken a record leap by crossing the $ 9,000 mark. Bitcoin’s value has risen by 10 % in the last 24 hours, and on Sunday it reached $ 9,017.42. It has been revealed that the components like ‘Thanks Giving‘ of the United States and ‘Black Friday Shopping‘ have been responsible for the hike. Just two weeks ago, Bitcoin had declined upto $1300  

BitcoinThe two days, ‘Thanks giving Holiday’ and ‘Black Friday Shopping’ are considered to be important for the new and big shopping. During this period, there was a huge turnover in the field of real estate investment along with the retail sector. The founder and Managing member of the Investment Company BKCM Brian Kelly announced that this year, along with investment in Thanks giving Holiday and Black Friday Shopping, Bitcoin was an important issue.

The largest ‘Bitcoin‘ exchange in the US ‘Coin Base’, has also supported this. According to Coin Base, in one day of Thanks giving Holiday, one million new accounts were added for ‘Bitcoin’ transactions. It has been said that due to this the number of Bitcoin accounts in the United States are surging to one crore 30 lakhs.

Experts in the economic sector have claimed that the focus of the financial sector, the focus of the investments and its increasing propagation are responsible for soaring of Bitcoins. Since the beginning of 2017, in the last 11 months, the cost of Bitcoin has increased by 900%.

Earlier this month, CME Group, the leading financial market company (marketplace) in the US announced that it has decided to launch the ‘bitcoin’ futures transaction by the end of 2017 year. The CEO of the company, in a recent interview to the news channel said that in the second week of December, ‘Bitcoin’ could start trading the ‘Bitcoin Futures’ type.

In September, the Chinese government had indicated a ban on the traders of ‘Bitcoin’ dealers and exchanges. After this, a decline in the rate of this cryptocurrency had been noticed. In the year 2013 when the ‘Bitcoin’ dealings had started, its rate had dropped to some extent, approximately about 25 to 35 %. Two weeks ago, the rate of the ‘Bitcoin’ had dropped by $1300.

US former stockbroker Jordan Belfort has warned that ‘Bitcoin’ is the biggest scam. Well known investor Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon, chief executive officer of the leading financial institutions of J.P. Morgan Chase, has also said that ‘Bitcoin’ is a big scam, and warned saying that this currency will not last long.

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