Bhutan rebukes expansionist China in clear words  

New Delhi: – China has made a bizarre claim that the Sakteng Sanctuary is a part of China. At the same time, China targeted India by saying that a third country should not interfere in this matter. But Bhutan has rejected the Chinese claim saying that it has sovereign rights over the Sakteng Sanctuary. Meanwhile, the Sakteng sanctuary, claimed by China as its territory, is adjoining to the Indian border in Arunachal Pradesh. Therefore, China is apparently trying to open another front against India by claiming rights over Bhutanese land.   


Chinese foreign ministry announced that China has a right over east, west and central regions of Bhutan. According to the ministry, the Sakteng sanctuary is a disputed area and discussions are already underway between the two countries over this region. At the same time, China targeted India by saying that no third country should poke their nose in the border dispute between China and Bhutan. But Bhutan has severely criticised the claims made by China. Since the last few years, negotiations are going on between Bhutan and China over the disputed territory. But the Sakteng sanctuary has never been featured in these negotiations. Bhutan government has lashed out at China saying that Bhutan has a sovereign right over the Sakteng sanctuary and it will never accept any Chinese claim over this territory.   

Sakteng sanctuary in the east of Bhutan has a common border with the Indian state, Arunachal Pradesh. Therefore, China is trying to push its claim over Arunachal Pradesh by raising this new claim on the Sakteng sanctuary. Analysts claim that China has indirectly posed this new challenge in front of India, after India attacked the crooked Chinese expansionism. The analysts have also opined that China has created this new dispute while there is tension in the Ladakh sector, to increase the pressure on India.   

Meanwhile, China is involved in border disputes with nearly 18 countries. These include Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkmenistan along with India. After being humbled in the Galwan Valley conflict and the scathing attack by the Indian Prime Minister on the Chinese expansionist policies, smaller countries which were in awe of Chinese might, also have started challenging China. Bhutanese protest against China demonstrates the same thing. Therefore, China, disturbed by all this, is trying to challenge India. 

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