Chinese troops infiltrated in Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand Chief Minister


New Delhi : Reports of infiltration of Chinese soldiers in Uttarakhand has surfaced and the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Mr. Harish Rawat has confirmed the same. On 19th July 2016 the soldiers of Indo Tibet Border Police & intruded Chinese troops had a face off. The Uttarakhand Government has submitted a report to the Central Government. Deputy Home minister Mr.Kiren Rijiju stated that the Government enquiry is in progress.

Since June there has been three separate instances reported of incursions of Chinese troops in Uttarakand. On 19th July Chinese troops entered the Chamoli District in Uttarakhand posing a challenge to the Indian Army. Soldiers of “Indo Tibet Border Police (ITBP) confronted the intruders leading to a heated argument. Later the situation was controlled as the Chinese troops backed off.

Chief Minister Harish Rawat shared information during an interview. He also expressed confidence in the Central Government to handle such sensitive issues & expect an adequate support to protect the border area.” Indo Tibet Border Police (ITBP) has also submitted their report to the Central Government. Deputy Home minister Mr. Kiren Rijiju expressed his views stating that “Government enquiry is in process post the completion a conclusion can be drawn whether it was an attempt of infiltration or not”

Since a couple of weeks attempts of infiltration has increased. On 9th June about 250 Chinese soldiers infiltrated in the area of Kameng in Arunachal State reaching up to “ShankarTiki” area in Bangse sectorIndian army retaliation pushed backed the intruding Chinese troops. Subsequently to diffuse tension the Chinese soldiers gifted chocolates to Indian soldiers as some of the reports suggested.

Leaders from China and India have repeatedly stated that the borders are peaceful and no major conflict has been reported. However in the past few years Chinese soldiers have repeatedly attempted infiltration to keep the border issue alive.

China has a strategy of keeping the peace talk on & simultaneously engages in actions to maintain a tension along the border to keep pressure on the Indian Army. China has been active along the borders and considering the current military deployment, India also has deployed its long range tanks along the China border.

China has expressed their discontent on the decision of Indian army of deploying artillery in the border area. China Government official agency stated that India is trying to create a tension in along the border and it would have an effect on the investment in India.

Indian Government has not reacted Chinese response. China is trying to improve relationship between both the countries through diplomacy, however also trying to issue warnings through the media channels and also attempting infiltration in Indian area.

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