Ban on Chinese apps will affect bilateral relations, claims Chinese diplomat

New Delhi: – The Indian ban on 58 Chinese apps will continue. China is expressing concerns that this will have a negative impact on the biliteral relations. At the same time, China has accused India of violating the regulations of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)Some Chinese analysts are also accusing India of taking an anti-China stand by announcing bravery awards for the soldiers who were martyred in the Galwan Valley.  

20 Indian soldiers including Colonel Santosh Babu had been martyred in the clash in the Galwan Valley. There was a wave of anger in India against China after this incident. India banned Chinese apps to teach China a lesson. India banned nearly 58 Chinese apps, saying that these apps are a threat to the national security. These included widely used apps like tiktok. In the initial phases, China Claimed that this ban will prove to be futile. But China started feeling the heat over a period of time.  

Now, ByteDance, the owner of tiktokhas announced that the company will wind up its Indian operations, if the ban continues. China has reacted to the announcement and Ji Rong, spokesman of the Chinese embassy in India, expressed concerns over this. Rong said that the ban imposed on the Chinese apps, citing threat to the national security, is a violation of the regulations of WTO. Rong also warned that this will have an impact on the bilateral relations between India and China.  

Meanwhile, China has become restless that Colonel Santosh Babu, who was martyred in the Galwan Valley clash, was awarded bravery award during the Republic Day celebrations, for fighting the cowardly attack by the Chinese soldiers. Talks have already started between military officials from both the countries, to defuse tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. China is giving positive messages to India, while the talks are on, but India is ignoring that and taking more actions to incite China.  

The Chinese analysts are criticising that with this India is showing to the world and the Chinese population that it is not interested in defusing the tension on the LAC in Ladakh.  

Chinese analysts have also blamed that the Indian media are contributing in increasing the tension between the two countries. The Indian media carried a report that there was a clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers at Nakula, near Sikkim, and 20 Chinese soldiers were injured in the clash. Global Times, the Chinese government newspaper claimed that these reports are false. In other words, China wants the Indian media to stop informing the Indian population about the developments on the LAC. China seems to be targeting the Indian media as they have exposed the Chinese evil plan of reaping the benefits of the Indian market, despite the intrusion attempts on the LAC. 

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