Australia PM announces legislation to indefinitely detain terror suspects

Malcolm TurnbullCanberra, Australia : With the surge in terrorist attacks in Europe and United States of America, Australia has hinted to enforce stricter laws against terrorism. Australian Prime Minister Mr. Malcolm Turnbull has proposed to add a provision in the law so that suspected terrorist can be detained for indefinite period of time.  

The Prime Minister has written a letter to the Law Minister in this regards, hinting at such a law. The attacks in the Nice, France and Orlando, USA and other allied countries have shown that the intensity of the terror threats have only risen. Mentioning that ‘the recent attack in Kabul was the largest terrorist attack in the last 15 years’, PM Turnbull has stated that the stricter laws against terrorism are the need of the hour.   

According to the new law those who are responsible for terrorist attacks or those who are suspected of involvement with such terrorist activities, can be put behind bars for indefinite period of time.The intention of the law is to suppress or eliminate potential threat that the suspected terrorists pose. PM Turnbull states that henceforth Australia cannot afford to neglect and be careless.   

Malcolm TurnbullSince 2014 Australia is already on a special alert and the country’s defense system has planned a comprehensive campaign against terrorism. PM Turnbull’s proposal comes at a time when there is a grave concern of more than 100 youth having left Australia to join ‘ISIS’. In the past 2 years many parts of the country including Sydney have faced ‘Lone wolf’ attacks. In various anti-terrorist activities, 44 suspects have been arrested in the past of 2 years. 

The security agencies have constantly been asking for improvements in the laws against terror after such incidences. 

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