‘African Swine Flu’ infiltrates the nation for the first time, 2500 pigs die in Assam  

New Delhi: While the Coronavirus is increasingly affecting around, the African Swine Flu has infiltrated the nation. This African Swine Flu has caused 2500 deaths of pigs in Assam. Last year, this Flu had occurred in China, near the Indian border.  


The Assam government declared that more than 2500 pigs have died across 306 villages in Assam due to this African Swine Flu. Even though the central government has granted permission to kill the pigs, the state government is going to seek a way to counter the Swine Flu instead of killing off the pigs, said Atul Bohra, the minister of agriculture and veterinary in Assam.   

The National Institute of High-Security Animal Diseases, located in Bhopal, has clarified that it is a clear case of the African Swine Flu (AASAF). This Flu has infiltrated the nation for the first time. However, Bora confirms that this Flu, in no manner, is related to the Coronavirus. The information about this Flu had surfaced in February, but the reports of its test were yet to come. Last year, this African Swine Flu occurred in a region located in China, which shares its border with Arunachal Pradesh. Later, this Swine Flu infiltrated through Assam.  

CM Sarbananda Sonowal has provided guidelines to the veterinary and forest department of Assam for creating a roadmap to save the Flu from spreading across the state. This roadmap is expected to be made with the National Research Centre of Indian Council of Agriculture. The pigs cannot be killed as of now. In the meanwhile, the regions wherein the pigs have died due to this Flu have been locked down with an immediate effect. Moreover, the regions located within a 10 km radius around it are being looked after carefully. 

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