11 Pakistani soldiers killed in a crushing Indian retaliation

Srinagar: – Four soldiers and six civilians were killed in an attack by the Pakistan army, on the Line of Control (LOC) in Kashmir, in violation of the ceasefire. The Indian soldiers infuriated with this attack, destroyed posts, bunkers and fuel storages of the Pakistan army, killing 11 Pakistani soldiers. As per received information, terrorist launchpads were also destroyed in the Indian attack.   

India-PakIn the current year, Pakistan has violated the ceasefire at least 4,000 times. During these, Pakistani soldiers have attacked, even civilian settlements, along with the Indian Army posts. A minimum of 20 Indian soldiers and more than 24 civilians have been killed in these attacks. Poonch and Kupwara districts, on the LOC, are the main targets of the Pakistani attacks. On Friday, the Pakistan army launched mortar attacks in Baramulla, Davar, Keran, Uri and Nougav sectors. Senior Indian military officials have claimed that Pakistan is deliberately targeting the civilian settlements.   

Former military officials are accusing that Pakistan selected the time around Diwali intentionally, for these attacks. The Pakistani objective, behind the attacks, was to ensure maximum terrorist infiltration into India, before the onset of snowfall. Four Indian soldiers and six civilians, including a woman and a child, were killed in the attack. The Indian soldiers infuriated with the attack blew away Pakistan army posts. Video footage of the attack has been published. Bunkers and fuel stocks, of the Pakistan army, also have been destroyed in the Indian attack and 11 Pakistani soldiers were killed.   

There is silence prevailing in Pakistan after the Indian Army taught them this tough lesson and Pakistan has not released any reaction on the official level, regarding the attack. But some of the journalists and analysts have said on the Indian news channels, that this is a disinformation campaign run by India, regarding the attack. While replying to these statements, former military officials gave a stern reply that India will keep similarly celebrating Diwali. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to the Indian population while paying homage to the martyred soldiers, to light a lamp in their respect.   

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