Wuhan in China flooded due to Three Gorges Dam

Beijing: The large discharge of water from the Three Gorges Dam and incessant rains has caused floods in Wuhan, China. The local agencies have issued a warning that these incessant rains can continue for the next several days. Against this background, preparations have been made to impose a lockdown once again in the city. Meanwhile, the team of observers from the World Health Organisation is scheduled to reach Wuhan for an inspection, in the next week. The team was to investigate the global level accusation that the Coronavirus pandemic originated from the Chinese city of Wuhan. Now it is being accused that China has artificially created this flood situation, to avoid the investigation.


Wuhan in China flooded due to Three Gorges DamIt is raining in China since the last few days and the rains have claimed 121 lives in various provinces of China. The water level in the Yangtze River has been consistently rising. Over and above this, China opened the gates of Three Gorges Dam, the largest dam in China. The local agencies said that the discharge had to be started, as there was a threat to the dam structure, because of the rising water levels. But this created floods in all the major cities on the banks of Yangtze River, including Wuhan. Warnings are also being issued that there could be record rains in the city of Wuhan. Against this background, a second-level alert has been issued in Wuhan.

Wuhan in China flooded due to Three Gorges DamA warning has been issued that Wuhan may witness incessant rains for the next 31 days and the citizens are advised to stay indoors. Therefore, the Lockdown crisis is once again staring the people of Wuhan in the face and some of the Chinese activists have criticised the local agencies for this. It is possible to think that the floods are because of the torrential rains, but Wang Weiluo accused that the main reason for flooding in Wuhan is the water discharged from the Three Gorges Dam. Wang is as a well-known Chinese hydrologist, bitterly opposed to the hydroelectric project at the Three Gorges Dam. Jennifer Zeng, a crusader for human rights in China, has accused that China has created this flooding in Wuhan and the nearby area, to destroy the evidence regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, which could go against China.

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