Coronavirus was indeed developed in the Wuhan laboratory, sensational claim by Chinese Scientist  

London: – Sensational information has been revealed that last year, a Chinese scientist claimed that a virus like SARS will spread in the entire world. Scientist and virologist Shi Zhengli had said in a documentary that the Wuhan laboratory was working on such a virus. But her superiors at the Wuhan laboratory suppressed the information. However, this documentary, which was made in 2018, has revealed the real face of China, who hid Coronavirus’ information from the world.  


The documentary regarding the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the controversial laboratory from China, which became a subject of international criticism, since the last few weeks, has become a topic of discussion in the western media. Shocking revelations have been made in the documentary published by the Chinese news channel CCTV. The 2018 documentary shows that research was being carried out in the Wuhan laboratory on the virus. The documentary confirms that Coronavirus research was being conducted in the Wuhan laboratory.   

The documentary claims that research on more than 1500 viruses, including SDS Coronavirus and other viruses which hit the world since 2002, like SARS and MERS was being conducted at the Wuhan laboratory. The documentary comprises a major role of Chinese scientist Shi Zhengli leading it. After making the documentary, Shi Zhengli and her colleagues had submitted a report issuing a warning to their superiors.  

Shi Zhengli had warned that a virus developed using SARS, MERS and SDS Coronavirus will be a very lethal virus. Shi Zhengli had also clarified that the genome of the new virus would be like ‘SARS-COV-2’. Shi Zhengli and her colleagues had expressed a dangerous possibility of the virus spreading long and wide, in China, owing to the high population in the country.  

The laboratory in-charge, working under instructions of the Chinese government, dismissed the warnings issued by Shi Zhengli and her colleagues. But the Chinese conspiracy has been exposed with the exposure of the documentary and the subsequent statement of Shi Zhengli. The United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and Taiwan are already accusing China of being responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic and this revelation endorses their accusations. Citing that the origin of Coronavirus in In the Wuhan laboratory in China, President Trump has ordered a detailed inquiry.  

Meanwhile, President Trump had threatened that the United States is conducting a detailed inquiry into the origin of the Coronavirus and China will have to face dire consequences, if it is proved that the Coronavirus was intentionally spread, by China.  The United Kingdom, Germany and Australia too are issuing a warning to China is different words. Against this background, the documentary published by the Chinese news channel exposes the Chinese conspiracy. The accusation that the Coronavirus pandemic is a part of Chinese biological will intensify because of this development. 

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