US indicates to act strongly against China

Washington: – White House has indicated that the United States is preparing for strong action against China, against the background of the Coronavirus pandemic and other Chinese activities, including Hongkong. White House press secretary, Kylie McNanny, informed that President Donald Trump would soon announce in this respect. US National Security Advisor (NSA), Robert O’Brien also confirmed this report. Only last month, President Trump had threatened that the United States might sever ties completely, with China.  


White House press secretary, Kylie McNanny, said ‘It will be inappropriate to share information regarding this before President Trump makes a formal announcement. But I can assure you that President Trump will certainly make this announcement in the near future.’ In the last few days, leaders from the Trump administration and other officials had indicated that the edge of the actions against China could be sharpened. White House press secretary, confirmed this while talking to the journalists.   

US NSA Robert O’Brien also said while talking to the journalists, on Wednesday, that an announcement regarding actions against China could be made in the next few days. O’Brien confirmed the report saying President Donald Trump is the first US President to take firm actions against China, which is demonstrated by his decisions, against China, like trade taxes and other issues. At this time, the US NSA reiterated the warning issued by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, regarding the ban on Chinese apps.  

NSA O’Brien clarified that Hongkong would feature in the possible actions against China’ Chinese communist party has forcibly taken over Hongkong. President Trump has clarified his stand on this issue. The stand taken by President Trump will decide on actions against China.’ US lawmaker Matt Gaetz, a supporter of President Trump, also has indicated action against China in his tweet on social media.  

Gaetz said ‘Keeping in mind that China is an adversary of the United States, a flexible and active stance has to be taken while taking any action against it. Care should be taken that an adversary like China does not become stronger on the strength of the US dollar.’ The United States has started a political conflict against China, following the Coronavirus pandemic. Some leaders and analysts are claiming that this is nothing but cold war. Against this background, the indications of strong action against China become significant. 

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