No nuclear threat to the US from China clarifies China after US Nuclear Posture Review

Beijing/Tehran/Berlin : ‘China has acquired nuclear weapons for self-defence. There is a very limited stock of nuclear weapons and there is no threat to the US security because of these’, China has clarified. At the same time, China has criticised US President Donald Trump’s policy of increasing the nuclear capability. The US had announced, in the last week that it needs to augment its nuclear capabilities to counter the threat from Russia and China. China’s statement was a reaction to this..


US-Nuclear-Posture-ReviewUS Deputy Secretary of Defence, Patrick Shanahan, had announced ‘Nuclear Posture Review’ in the last week. Chinese Defence Ministry severely criticised this US ‘Nuclear Posture Review’. ‘China strongly opposes this US nuclear policy. The US should give up its cold war mentality and try to reduce its own nuclear arsenal,’ criticised Chinese Defence Ministry Spokesman Ren Guoqiang.

At the same time, Chinese Defence Ministry advised ‘Peace and development are irreversible processes. The US, who has the biggest nuclear arsenal, should take the lead on this path to pursue this concept and should not work against it’. Guoqiang strongly supported the Chinese nuclear arsenal. China has a very limited number of nuclear weapons and China will never use it first, claimed Guoqiang.

China is expected to have about 300 nuclear weapons. China has never been transparent about its military preparedness. Therefore, nothing can surely be said about the nuclear arsenal in China, clarified the international organisation ‘SIPRI’. It is claimed that the US and Russia have about 7000 nuclear weapons each.

The Obama administration in the US, had expressed willingness to reduce the number of nuclear weapons, in an agreement signed with Russia. The Obama administration had announced that it had cut down on the number of nuclear weapons in accordance to the agreement. But, president Trump reversed the decision taken by the Obama administration.

The US announced increase in the nuclear capabilities to counter the threat of a possible nuclear attack from Russia and China through ‘Nuclear Posture Review’. The US needs to increase the capability in view of the changes in the numbers and technology of Chinese and Russian nuclear weapons, Trump said.

The US is creating a bogeyman of the Russian threat to increase its own nuclear capability, criticised Russia. The Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has said that the US decision is pushing the world towards destruction. The German Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, has said that the US is igniting a nuclear competition at the international level.

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