Strong repercussions of Brexit emerge in UK

London, 26 June 2016 (Agencies)


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Even though about 52 percent people in Britain voted for leaving European Union, this decision has caused strong repercussions as seen in Britain. After BREXIT, there is a demand of “REMAIN”, from the urban area of Britain and signing process has been started on parliaments official website. This campaign has got tremendous support and within 48 hoursabout 30 lakh people showed their support for this. At the same time on the other hand, after separation capital London should be member of EU, Sadiq Khan said.

brexitAfter BREXIT, along with Britain violent reactions have been seen on the global level. Except the main political leaders who were in support of BREXIT, all other common people were showing their staunch opposition . Along with London, people from major cities of Britain are not ready to accept the decision of Britain exiting from the EU. In addition to this when the result for BREXIT was declared, a strong demand of taking referendum again has been put forward. Due to this demand a campaign has been introduced to appeal British parliament regarding this.

This campaign has been started on official website and it has been initiated by a student William Healy from Lancaster. With the help of this referendum one more referendum has been requested to British Government. This includes, a rule demanding, if during referendum less than 75% voting is done and if majority is less than 60% again a new referendum should be taken. This campaign started on Friday and till Sunday got response of more than 30 lakh people.

As per British parliament’s rule if any suggestion or demand gets positive response of more than 1 lakh people then that point should be discussed in parliament. And for second referendum when more than 30 lakh people showed their response, there are chances of this point to be discussed in British parliament in next week. But even if this proposal would be discussed in parliament, there are very few chances  of second referendum, said sources.

scotlandLondon should be kept away from Britain, such campaigns are also seen on social media. Around 30 thousand people responded a campaign started by a writer James O’Malley to show his disappointment.  O’Malley suggested to keep London away from Britain to so that it could become a part of EU. We would like to be at the center of EU as London is an global city, claimed O’Malley.

In this statement, he suggested to make London like Singapore a city State. London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan acknowledged this suggestion but refused to accept the separation of London. But in this discussion with EU, there should be struggle for steady position of London, replied Mayor Khan.

In Scotland also demand for Freedom has been on the rise, who failed to get separated from Britain, two years ago. In one of survey 60% people are on the side of separating from Britain.Scotland’s First Minister Nikola Sturgeon, who expressed his view on BREXIT said that second time referendum is possible in Scotland, where Scotland wanted to be part of EU.

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