‘Frexit’, ‘Nexit’ to follow Brexit?

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The verdict by British citizens in favor of BREXIT, has now along with Britain, strengthened the demand of other European countries that were in favor of the EXIT. In European countries like France, Netherlands and Italy, there is a further boost in the demand by the groups with aggressive views for referendum on the issue of European Union (EU).


There are signals that indicate even Britain, whose identity is UNITED KINGDOM, may not remain “united” in the future.

marie-le-penOn Thursday, the referendum in Britain that resulted in 52% voting in favor of BREXIT has been accepted and that Britain will no longer be a part of EU is now very clear.

Entire Europe is facing the backlash of the success of   BREXIT along with Britain. Scotland and Northern Ireland, which are a part of Britain, are now seen demanding separation from Britain. Scotland Chief, Nicola Sturgeon, has indicated that soon they will have a referendum to resolve the issue of its separation from Britain. On the Thursday referendum, we saw 60% of the citizens in Scotland vote in favor of “Remain” in the EU. But because of the referendum, against its wishes, Scotland is being thrown out of the EU.

“This is not acceptable from a democratic point of view, that’s why a referendum for separation from Britain is soon expected,” stated Sturgeon, demanding a new referendum.

He said it was necessary to have this referendum before the completion of the formalities of Britain’s exit from the EU.

geert-wildersIn Northern Ireland, which is a part of United Kingdom, the SINN FIEN group is demanding its unification with Ireland.

SINN FIEN leader, Martin Mc Guinness said “it is now necessary to have a referendum on the unification of Ireland.

Britain no longer has the authority to represent Northern Ireland. Britain’s decision to exit from the EU would have repercussions on the relations between N.Ireland and EU”. In these words, Mc Guinness clearly indicated the separation of N.Ireland from Britain.

While these two states of Britain are demanding separation from Britain, Europe is also heading towards division/disintegration is what we see as the repercussions of BREXIT.

Marie Le Pen, chief of the Front National Party in France, while congratulating the British citizens, hinted it was time to bring in democracy in France. “Now we should bring in democracy. The French citizens should have the right to vote and choose”. In these words Le Pen put forth the demand for FREXIT.

Geert Wilders, leader of The Party for Freedom of Netherlands also demanded the right for referendum for Dutch citizens. “ Britain has shown the way to a future and freedom. That’s why The Party for Freedom wants Netherlands to exit from the EU and hence the demand for NEXIT” says Wilders in his statement.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the Northern Party League of Italy, while congratulating the British citizens stated that it was now Italy’s turn.

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