Southeast Asia under threat of ISIS attacks

Southeast Asia under threat of ISIS attacks

While the war between the West and ‘caliphate’ was still in news, the Islamic State (IS) came up with threats to attack Southeast Asia. Based in Syria, Mohammed Rafiuddin, who is of Malaysian origin, leaked a video that confirmed IS’s plans to expand and attack Southeast Asian countries. This 20-minute long video, ‘Toghat’ is addressed to the terrorists based in Southeast Asia that instructs them to attack the neighbouring countries instead of targeting Syria. Malaysian Defence Minister thinks of this to be a sign of caution and that, these threats are to be taken seriously.


The video ‘Toghat’ features some young and juvenile boys undergoing military training, with the IS flag fluttering in the background. The video further shows the hazardous life of the ‘militants’ in the jungle and has some disturbing scenes of brutally murdering 3 men.

Southeast Asia under threat of ISIS attacks

Rafiuddin has appealed to the people from Southeast Asian countries, who are the followers of Islam, to join hands with the terrorist groups called ‘Abu Sayyaf’ based in the Philippines.
Abu Abdullah, the leader of Abu Sayyaf, from Mindanao, Philippines confirmed their alliance with IS in January 2016. The video leaked recently also confirmed the union of IS and Abu Abdullah, thus establishing the presence of IS in the Philippines. Abdullah has now taken up the responsibility as a new leader of the IS for Southeast Asian countries. The FBI ,USA has declared a reward money of USD $ 5 million for the surrender of Abu Abdullah.

The Defence Minister of Malaysia believes in taking necessary measures to protect their people as he thinks this warning of threat to be grave.The head of the Counter Terrorism Organisation of Malaysia, Mr. Ayob Khan Maydin Pichai has cautioned for likelihood of terror attacks in the near future. He also confirmed that this video isn’t merely for publicity or to create fear. It could prove disastrous if the desired steps are not taken quickly.

Earlier this year, in January, IS had confirmed to have attacked the capital state of Indonesia killing 8 people. Later in April 2016, in an encounter with ‘Abu Sayyaf’ 18 Filipino soldiers lost their lives. The video clip alerts of prospective terror attacks to go up in the Southeast Asia in days to come.

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