UK should keep all options open over Brexit: Former British PM Tony Blair

tony-blairAs what Brexit really means for the country begins to emerge on the scene, if the will of the people appears to shift, we have to recognize that”, said Britain’s former Prime Minister Tony Blair suggesting also that as far as Brexit was concerned, all options ought to be kept open. Contentions in favour of Britain exiting the EU appear to have crumbled, he claimed.


It is barely ten days since the Britons voted in favour of Brexit and an extensive campaign against this decision has already begun to build up. Political leaders, prominent entities and even some of the media are speaking in favour of overturning the Brexit decision or holding a second referendum.

4 million citizens have responded to the petition on the website of the British Parliament and it must be noted that a good 50,000 participated in the rally against Brexit that was held on Saturday. Considering these facts, the stand taken by former Prime Minister Blair, does assume significance.

‘The Brexit event has worked much like the aftermath of an earthquake. As of now, it is clear that we are stepping out of the EU. But we do not know yet what lies in store. It is only after talks with the EU that a clear picture will emerge. If it so happens that we are shut out of the European market and have to rely on the World Trade Organization for trade deals, the scene would change. Britain is a sovereign country and all options should be kept open’ recommended Blair talking to ‘Radio 4’ of the BBC.

brexit_matoThe 48% who voted in favour of remaining in the EU felt stripped of their right to vote and it was not clear where the country was moving to, said Blair, drawing attention to the uncertainty that was taking root in the country. Britain had diminished its position in the world and it would have to fight to regain it, he warned.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has clearly rejected the demand for a second referendum on the Brexit issue. The leaders in the race for Prime Minister after Cameron’s decision to step down have also turned down this possibility. So although it is very clear that there will not be another referendum, the public pressure at present is bound to present a challenge to the new Prime Minister and to the British parliament.

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