UK would be left unsecured exiting the European Union

Warns UK Prime Minister David Cameron

UK unsecured Brexit Cameron_BBCShould UK remain to be a part of the European Union will be decided by the British public on 23rd June. While just a few weeks are left for this referendum, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said that UK would be left unsecured exiting the European Union. PM Cameron also warned the public saying, ‘If UK takes a decision of leaving the European Union, the British rivals will have no bounds for their happiness and a war will burst out in this area.


While addressing the British public on Monday, Prime Minister David Cameron openly challenged saying, ‘The one’s stating that Britain would be benefited by staying away from the EU should prove themselves.’ Not only this, but Cameron also read out the difficulties that UK will face on exiting the EU. UK is acting as a peace agent in the EU and thus there won’t be any war in this part by Britain remaining a part of it. But, if Britain refuses to stay in the EU than a war will surely burst out in this sphere, warned Cameron. Not just this, Cameron also showing his concern expressed, ‘Russia would get an opportunity of impressing the countries in Central and East Europe because of Brexit’.

Russia is becoming aggressive and Brexit will increase the risk that Britain and other European countries have from Russia. UK will remain safe as a part of the EU, but would be left unsecured on exiting the European Union, claims PM Cameron. Staying out of the EU would make it difficult for UK to get support of the member countries to take actions against terrorism. The terrorists attacks at Paris & Brussels has made everyone aware of the needed support to take actions against terrorism, added Cameron. He also said that the people should give a thought to the security and the financial future of UK post its exit from the EU before arriving at a decision. Cameron mentioned about the statements made by Ex-Prime Minister Winston Churchill at that time. 

Churchill had said, ‘UK would not be benefited by staying away from the European countries’. In reference to the above context, Cameron addressed to the people of Britain, ‘If you are loving your country and want to make UK and whole world secure than it can be done easily by staying in the EU’. However the supporters of ‘Brexit’ erased out Cameron’s claim. 

In fact, in the year 1953, Winston Churchill quoted that, ‘UK is not bound by the lead taken by the European countries in relation to the security’. With this reference the Brexit supporters are saying that there is no fact in the claim made by Cameron. Also, the demand made by Cameron is meaningless, thus criticized the Brexit supporters and the leaders who are in favour of the same.

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