Japan could get nuclear weapons ‘virtually overnight’: US Vice President

US Vice President warns China


Manila/ Jakarta, dated 26th June ( Press)- US Vice President, Joe Biden, recently concluded discussion with Chinese President Xi Jinping. A brief of the meeting was provided in a recent interview to American media where the U.S. Vice President mentioned about urging China to use its influence to tame North Korea, which if not done, then Japan could obtain nuclear weapons virtually overnight. New regional tensions have developed as North Korea recently concluded nuclear tests and missile launches.

North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, threatened the U.S. that they would strike not only U.S. military base but the Mainland also. In response to the threat, U.S. intend to deploy an advanced U.S. missile interception system called Terminal High Altitude Area Defence, or THAAD, in South Korea. The U.S. Vice President claims that certain countries are opposing the U.S. defence strategy in the Peninsula.

U.S. Vice President stated that China has the ability and relations to contain North Korea’s aggressive posture of its missile and nuclear weapon’s developments. Joe Biden also stated that if China fails to contain North Korea, Japan is fully capable to obtain nuclear weapons virtually overnight.china-north-korea_xaluan

Japan has registered a strong objection to North Korea’s test-launch of two medium-range ballistic missiles capable of covering 3500 kms, test fired in the direction of Japan.

In view of the recent developments, the U.S. view of empowering Japan with nuclear arsenal is noteworthy. Japan has continued with its policy to never possess any nuclear weapons post World War 2 and has an agreement with the U.S. to provide security from any nuclear attack.

U.S. and its allies like Japan and South Korea, are threatened by the aggressive posture of North Korea. U.S. is responding by increasing deployment of military equipment in the region.

North Korean senior officer, Han Sung, stated that his country would not curtail nuclear test and missile development program if the U.S. continues to threaten by keeping a “gun on the head”. Also that North Korea has now established and is much more powerful in terms of its military and nuclear capabilities.

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