Post-Brexit Scotland could become member of the EU


Berlin, Glasgow, Dated 27th June (News Agency) – Scotland’s first minister has expressed that Scotland does not agree with Britain’s decision to exit the European Union. She also threatened to impede the proceedings that lead to Britain’s exit from the EU. Basis this background, senior German leaders have claimed that Scotland could be a probable member of the EU. Scotland had earlier hinted about its separation from Britain through a referendum. Hence Scotland’s brexit-scotlandentry into the EU could be troublesome for Britain.

The first minister of Scotland, Ms. Nicola Sturgeon alleged that 52% of the British population has voted against the Brexit. Whereas 62% of the Scottish people have voted in favour of Britain staying as a member of the European Union. Thus it proves that ‘’Brexit’’ is unpopular amongst the people of Scotland. Ms. Nicola Sturgeon has taken on an aggressive role in this matter. While talking to the press on Sunday, she cautioned Britain that, Scotland would either withhold or reverse the process of Britain exiting the EU.


Sources reveal that the British government would require an approval from the Scottish Parliament on Brexit.  There are various legalised ways to tackle these kind of situations. The Scottish government will always focus on benefits for Scotland, they will not approve anything that is not beneficial for the country. Scotland’s first minister later expressed her reluctance by stating that anything that goes against Scotland’s goodwill would not be tolerated.

Gunther-KrichbaumMs. Sturgeon further stated that she would work for the progress and development of Scotland. She said that if Scotland is pulled out of EU against its will, it can have prolonged effects on Scotland. Therefore she would strive hard to safeguard Scotland from this untoward situation, and would work towards Scotland gaining membership in the EU.

Scotland had planned its separation from Britain much before the ‘Brexit’. The referendum for the same was being prepared.  Senior German leaders claim that as per the survey, there is a spurt in support of Scotland to separate from UK post the ‘Brexit’.

A senior leader from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party Mr. Gunther Krichbaum shared that they are supporting the referendum for the separation of Scotland from UK, and this new country could then become a member of the EU. He further added that post Brexit, twenty eight countries could become members of the EU and he awaited a positive referendum from the people of Scotland. He added that a proposal from any country wishing to be part of EU should be accepted at once. Comments from Mr. G. Krichbaum are being viewed seriously as he is the chief of the ‘European Affairs Committee’ of Germany.


Post the Brexit, the ‘EU’ rights can become more centralised and owing to that, the core ideologies would be disregarded. If such a situation persists then Austria would take referendum on exit from the EU alleged the Austrian leader of noble party Mr. Nobert Hofer. Owing to these allegations the EU may have to face an ‘Auxit’ post the Brexit.

Mr.Hofer further stated that EU was formed to overcome toiling financial conditions faced by European Union, Instead  at present  it’s concentrating on political polarisation in  which they won’t succeed . Polls through a special campaigns carried out showed that more than 2.5 lakh Austrian people are supporting Austria’s exit from EU.

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