UK’s support for ‘Brexit’ will obstruct the unification of Europe: German Finance Minister

Britain, Brexit, EuropeBerlin Date 11 (News Agency):German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble warned that if Britain exits (Brexit) the European Union, then in response to ‘Brexit’, it would not be right to simply demand further integration and that he will oppose such efforts. Schaeuble also stated that even a narrow vote in favour of ‘Brexit’ would be a “wake up call” for European Union and efforts to bring EU closer should be stopped.


Few days back, there were news about Germany, France and few other countries from the EU, coming up with an independent proposal to face ‘Brexit’. It involved plans for further integration of the European Union. It was indicated that these plans will be presented in a meeting of theEuropean Union, after the results of ‘Brexit’.

However in an interview in a ‘Brexit’-themed issue of German weekly, German Finance Minister Schaeuble has clearly opposed this proposal. “In response to ‘Brexit’, we couldn’t simply call for more integration,” said Schaeuble adding, “That would be crude; many would rightfully wonder ­whether we politicians still haven’t understood and they wouldn’t be wrong.”


German Finance Minister also warned that even in the event of ‘Brexit’ being unsuccessful and only a small majority of the British voters reject a withdrawal, EU leaders would have to see it as a wake-up call and a warning not to continue with business as usual. It is worth noting that this comment is from a leader who has been a strong supporter of European Union and unification of Europe.

Mr. Schaeuble’s comments indicate that on the background of ‘Brexit’, even staunch supporters of European Union have to take a note of increasing dissatisfaction in the member countries of EU. It is considered to be significant that the German Finance Minister has advised European Union to take cautious steps.

Based on the outcome of the surveys conducted in Britain, Europe as well as America it is anticipated that ‘Brexit’ will have a substantial influence on other European countries too.  Opposition to the EU from main countries such as Greece, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, and Netherland is increasing. In some countries, ruling parties have been talking about challenging the European Union.

In these circumstances, it is believed that the outcome of ‘Brexit’ will be a turning point in the future of the European Union. From Schaeuble’s comments it is clear that EU is taking a lenient stand.  

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