Russian President Putin calls ‘Brexit’ a conspiracy by UK to blackmail EU

Moscow/London, 19 December (Agencies) – Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron has planned ‘BREXIT’ referendum to blackmail Europe, accuses Russian President. If Prime Minister Cameron himself is against the Britain’s Exit from European Union then why has he arranged this referendum, questioned President Putin. Putin’s remark is Russia’s first official response on BREXIT, drawing much attention.


President-1-PutinHardly four days are left for Britain’s referendum and what is seen in the last few days is that the  campaign  is becoming too intense. During the campaign British government claims that if Britain exits from the European Union, countries like Russia will take advantage to strengthen  their hold. It is said that the Russia’s President Putin is involved in making BREXIT successful. With this background, Putin’s targeting of Britain’s Prime Minister is shocking.

brexit blackmail‘Basically BREXIT is a  big problem. Why did Prime Minister Cameron called for a BREXIT? Behind this there might be a possibility of blackmailing Europe or  scaring off others. Putin blamed British Prime Minister by saying that if Cameron himself opposes BREXIT, then his intention behind introducing referendum is misguiding. At the same time there is no involvement of Russia in BREXIT’s success or failure. The whole discussion would be only within the British citizens, opined the Russian President.

“Britain  knows everything and also the consequences of BREXIT, so don’t try to trap Russia in it. It’s not fair to blame Russia every time,” said Putin. He also said, he had his own independent thinking about BREXIT issue and it won’t be appropriate to say something about the impending results, which no one else can conclusively predict. “As per my knowledge there are 50-50 probability of a split decision.” he added.

Along with US, the leaders of the main countries are opposing BREXIT, are urging Britain to continue being part of European Union. If Britain would exit EU, business and bilateral relationships might get affected said US President. On this background, Putin opposing the decision to take referendum on BREXIT has drawn attention.

A week before the referendum, a survey taken in Great Britain revealed that people are more excited to opt for BREXIT. In a survey of EPSOS-MORI foundation 53% people supported BREXIT and 47% people want Britain to be part of the EU.

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