President Obama strongly criticizes Donald Trump over Orlando killings

Washington dt.15 (News Agency) – President Obama has strongly criticised Donald Trump over his policies after the killings at Orlando. Trump is trying to separate the whole community of America who are followers of Islamic religion by depicting a sense of mistrust. With this the motive of the staunch terrorist groups will ease, states Obama. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has also objected and condemned Trump over his policies against President Obama.

President Obama After the death of 50 people during the Orlando attacks, contesting candidate for President of America, Donald Trump has intensified his role against the migrants. Trump had stated that migrants from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia pose danger to America. After the attacks at Orlando, Trump once again raised his demand to restrict the entry of Islam followers to America. Trump stated that if the families of these attackers had not been allowed to enter America, the attacks would have never happened. Trump also remarked that even after the attacks, President Obama has been reluctant to mention about the staunch Islamic terrorism.

President Obama has sternly criticised the policies of Trump. Obama has raised questions such as – Will America mistrust their own citizens just because they are followers of Islamic religion?, Now onwards will the followers of Islamic religion in America be side tracked?, Will they be espied?. Obama has also demanded that the Republican Party clarify if they support the views of Trump. Following Obama, Democratic Party candidate for President, Hillary Clinton has also strongly criticised Trump.

Hillary Clinton stated that she condemn the policies of Trump against President Obama, Trump is a liar and America need politicians who are responsible and not like Trump.Trump has retaliated back equally strongly against the criticism made by President Obama.President Obama is more angry over me rather than on those who attacked the club in Orlando, remarked Trump and also mentioned that he is still firm about his policies.

As the American Presidential elections are nearing, the attacks at Orlando have caused the public support for Trump togrow. Although in American Media there are allegations over Trump being irresponsible, but amongst the masses Trump’s popularity is increasing. Hence, it is noticed that Democratic Party candidate for President, Hillary Clinton has begun to target Trump. Alongside, Hillary Clinton has increased her efforts to ensure that she gains full support from Democratic Party.

Hillary Clinton recently met competing candidate for Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders. Bernie’s defeat is almost sure hence Hillary has appealed him to provide her support in future against Trump,  and also trying to gain the assistance of Sander’s supporters by praising their election campaign to be extremely positive and quite impressive.

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