President Trump orders cut in number of refugees entering United States

Washington : US President Donald Trump has decided to cut down on the number of refugees entering the country. In the order issued by President Trump, the US will accept only 45,000 refugees in 2018. In the United States, the ‘Refugee Act’ was enacted in 1980. This is the lowest figure after that period. Former US President Barack Obama had increased the number of immigrants to 1 lakh 10 thousand during his tenure.


Last week, President Trump had issued an order extending the restrictions on entry of refugees. It included North Korea, Venezuela and Chad, along with five Arab-Islamic countries. President Trump has supported the new order saying that the security of the US and the American people will be my priority. While preparing for this order, Trump administration has hinted at indicated the reduction in number of refugees accepted in the US there was an indication of a reduction in the number of immigrants taken in the United States by the Trump administration.

In a letter sent to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, President of US President Trump has clarified that from 2018, the US will accept only 45,000 refugees. This decision has been stated to be based on the information and recommendations given by the US State department. The reasons for the reduction in the number of refugees put forth by the Trump administration are the previous refugees’ residual backlog, incomplete sources and manpower and the criteria applied for security.

Trump has always played an aggressive role in his election campaign and later at an international level on the issue of migrants. He has consistently maintained his stance saying that it is necessary to stop migrants to prevent terrorism as they are responsible for terrorists attacks in the US and Europe.

Among the important decisions taken after President Trump came to power, it was seen that priority was given to stop the migrants entering the US. Intense reactions were drawn from across the world along with the US on the two entry-ban orders issued by Trump in January and in March. But, not being distracted by it, President Trump has pushed his policy maintaining his aggressive stance on the issue. One of its important steps is to limit the number of migrants entering the country.

While criticizing Trump’s decision, the experts supporting the migrants, have claimed that the order is against humanitarian values and is the representation of US’s reduced influence at an international level. ​​

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