Shut down feared in the United States on account of the Mexico Wall – President Tump’s aggressive approach

Washington: There are indications that the ‘Mexico Wall’ proposed by President Donald Trump might push the US economy towards shutdown. Trump has taken an aggressive stand regarding this matter stating that if enough funds are not made available for the Mexico Wall, then funds won’t be approved for the healthcare programme organized by ‘Obamacare’.  It is suspected that this can lead to problems in the approval of the budget to be held in the USA Parliament this week and there is a serious threat of ‘government shutdown’.

On Sunday, President Trump targeted liberal democrats through two tweets saying, building the Mexico wall, will deter drugs and MS-13 gang members. Still democrats are not ready to spare funding for it. He added that Mexico will be paying for the wall so we should be prepared.

On Monday once again President Trump justified the Mexico wall in his tweet. He claimed that this wall is a significant tool to deter the drugs in order to save the American youth as well as others. President’s justification for the wall over two consecutive days highlights the fact that it has become a significant point for him.

On 29 April Trump completes 100 days of his presidency. There is a plan to underline his significant decisions and its success at this opportunity. Hence, getting funding for the Mexico wall project is considered as an important milestone. However strong opposition from the Liberal democrats has come as a strong hindrance. To tackle this, Trump Government has started targeting ‘Obamacare’ which is a significant project for democrats.

Trump Government officials are pressurising Democrats on Obamacare to get Mexico wall deal. However, House ­Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi opposed this proposal. Pelosi criticized it as an unethical and expensive project. She stated that the Liberal Democrat will not support the proposal and also claimed that other democratic members from the borders too were in opposition of the wall.

All this points in the direction of budget not being sanctioned on Friday. Some analysts have claimed that non-approval of budget on Friday will be a shock for President Trump. However the White House officials have rejected these claims and are positive that the budget will be sanctioned as per Mr President’s priorities.

Earlier in 2013, during Barack Obama’s presidency, the Republican Party had refused funding on account of the healthcare improvement. At that time the American economy had to face a shutdown for 18 days, from 30 September to 17 October. This shutdown cost the American economy almost 2.5 billion dollars.

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