ISIS terrorists headed for France and Belgium; Security agencies issue alert

Paris, Dt. 16 (News Agency) – While the ISIS terrorists lurking in the European countries still prove a threat to security, a troop of ISIS terrorists has left Syria for France and Belgium. The security agencies of France and Belgium are on high alert due to this warning given by the intelligence services.

ISIS terroristsThese terrorists have left Syria about a week ago and will most likely enter European countries via Turkey and Greece. A Belgian newspaper reports that these terrorist may infiltrate into Europe, sneaking into migrants’ boats bound for Europe. Having sounded its primary warning, the Belgian Intelligence has alerted its French counterparts too following which the French security has become cautious though the French Government clarified that it had already beefed up security in the country. Post the dual terrorist attacks in Paris last year, the security in France was stepped up. An emergency too was declared for three months in the capital city of Paris. The UEFA Euro Football Championship that began in Paris last week, in any case, called for a high level of security.  In the last ten days, two attempts at terror attacks in Paris were thwarted thanks to the alertness of the French Police. Since the past few months, France and Belgium have been  targets of terrorist attacks. This year in the month of March, the attack by two suicide bombers at the airport of Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, claimed 32 lives. Whereas more than 140 were killed in the serial bomb blasts in Paris. Some of the terrorist involved in these attacks are absconding  and authorities are looking for them. The arrested terrorists revealed that the ones at large could target the cities of Paris, Brussels, London, Rome or Geneva. While the police still look for those at large, the news of another gang of ISIS leaving for Europe, has raised  concerns of  the European countries.

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