President Trump accuses Former President Obama for Russian interference in US elections

Washington: President Donald Trump has accused former US President Barack Obama of being responsible for the Russian interference in the US elections by asking a question, ‘During the 2016 presidential elections Obama was the President. Then why didn’t he take any action on the Russian interference issue’. A ranking Democrat and member of the ‘Intelligence Committee’, Adam Schiff made a statement that, ‘Former President Obama had taken a mild stand about ‘Sony Hacking and therefore Russia decided to aggressively interfere in the US elections.’

us, russia, trump, obama, putinLast week, the special counsel in the US, Robert Mueller had filed a charge sheet about the Russian interference in the US elections. The charge sheet names 13 Russian citizens including Yevgeny Prigozhin, the ‘Chef’ of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. The charge sheet accuses Russia of attempting to interfere in the US political systems and US elections through its ‘Internet Research Agency’ located in St. Petersburg.

President Trump had claimed that this 37-page charge sheet is the answer to the allegations levelled against him, as it does not mention of any allegiance of any of the US groups campaigning for President Trump with Russia. After this President Trump, through his many tweets on Sunday and Monday, targeted former President Barack Obama on the basis of these statements by Schiff.

In the very first tweet he thanked Adam Schiff and taunted that at least this time Schiff was saying the right things. President Trump accusingly said, ‘Barack Obama was the President. He was aware of the Russian threat. Still he didn’t act on it’. ‘I never denied the Russian interference. Russia, China or any other country or a group could be responsible for the interference, is what I had said’ Trump clarified.

‘While spreading the rumours about the Russian interference, it was alleged that the Trump election campaign had joined hands with Russia. But, in reality it did not happen’, said Trump in one of his tweets. The US President claims that Schiff’s statements are also an effort to try and find reasons for the Hillary Clinton defeat in the 2016 elections.

‘If the Russian intention for the interference was to create a divide and anarchy in the US, then the Congressional hearings, enquiries and the allegations-counter allegations by the parties, indicate that they are succeeding in their attempt’, warned Trump in the end.

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