“Carnage awaits US if Trump not elected”, warns Republican leader Ben Carson

warns Republican leader Ben Carson

‘America right now is like a cruise ship about to go off the Niagara Falls, a ship about to be swept down causing tremendous carnage and death. What we have to do, is recognize the problem, stop the ship and turn it around in the other direction’ said Ben Carson, a leader of the Republican Party, warning that there would be carnage if Donald Trump is not elected President.

It was only a few days ago that Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee for President. He is believed to have secured the support of the required number of delegates for this nomination following which his campaign has assumed a more aggressive approach. Many Republican leaders have pledged support to Trump and are campaigning in his favour. In an interview Ben Carson, a former GOP Presidential candidate himself spoke fervently in favour of Trump.

Ben Carson - Donald Trump

Ben Carson added further that the country had been reduced to a dreadful condition under the leadership of President Barack Obama and that Donald Trump alone could save it. He even alleged that a third party candidate had entered the race for President only to boost support for the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton.

Drawing parallels to the 1992 elections for President, he recalled that Bill Clinton was on the ballot. “It was the entry of Ross Perot, a third party nominee that made it possible for Bill Clinton to win the elections. There is no denying that the same things could happen. Would we not be wise to learn from the past?” he asked urging the American people to vote for Trump.

“Hillary Clinton’s presidency would go on to destroy the future of the American people and completely change the nature of the country with her choices and policies”, he said voicing his disapproval. On Sunday, the Libertarian Party announced the name of Gary Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico as their Presidential candidate. Carson also pointed out that Johnson could steal the spotlight from Trump.

The estimations over the last few days indicate that Trump is capable of giving Hillary Clinton a tough fight. Although some surveys even predict Trump’s victory over Clinton, there are others that report that the American population disapproved of both and that around 50% voters would opt for a third party candidate.

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