Failure of the ‘successful test’ of Pakistani missile exposed; Missile landed in civilian territory

Islamabad: – Pakistan tested its Shaheen-3, the ballistic missile, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. After the ‘successful test’ of this surface-to-surface missile, with a range of 2750 kilometres, the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan even congratulated the scientists. But in reality, the test has failed, and the missile landed in a civilian settlement in Dera Bugti region of Balochistan, instead of the planned target. Spokesman of a political party in Balochistan gave this information. The spokesman informed that some people were injured in the missile crash and major damages were caused to the house properties.   

After the Pakistan military claimed that the test of Shaheen-3 was successful, it is becoming difficult for Pakistan to hide this information that is being revealed. Currently, the Pakistan government is tasting failures on all the fronts. An aeroplane of the Pakistan International Airlines was seized on a Malaysian airport for non-payment of lease rent. Within the next few days, new corruption charges were levelled on the Imran Khan government in Pakistan. As per the opponents, Imran Khan and his colleagues received funds from abroad, and they avoided declaring it. In this scenario, the Pakistan government and military decided to test Shaheen-3.   

But this test has failed, and the missile crashed in a civilian settlement in the Dera Bugti area of Balochistan. Spokesman of the political party, Baloch People’s Republic, informed that some people were injured in the crash and extensive damages were caused to the house properties. Sher Mohammed, the party spokesman, said that the injured were not even taken to hospitals for treatment. Sher Mohammed said that the Pakistan military took control of the area following the missile crash. He accused that Pakistan has made Balochistan its experimental laboratory and keeps conducting such dangerous tests.   

Other Baloch activists are also expressing strong resentment. The truth in the claim of the ‘successful test’ by the military has been exposed. But the Pakistan government is desperately trying that the information regarding this failure does not appear in the media, as it will cause a massive embarrassment. While Joe Biden was being sworn in as the President of the United States, Pakistan made this miserable attempt to test Shaheen-3 to attract his attention. At the same time, there is a strong possibility that the Pakistan government and military planned this test to divert the attention of the Pakistan population from the failures of the Pakistan government.   

Therefore, the test’s failure could further intensify the resentment regarding the Pakistan government and the military. Realising this, the Pakistan military seems to have started frantic efforts to stop the news from spreading, to hide its failure.   

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