Angry Baloch protestors chase away Pakistani soldiers  

Islamabad/Mumbai: – Pakistani soldiers trying to build a post in one of the provinces of Balochistan had to face the wrath of the Baloch people. Seeing the vehemence of the Baloch people, the Pakistan soldiers had to run away from the place. Video of the incidence has been published. The Pakistan military had crossed its limits, in terms of atrocities against the Baloch people, when the Pakistani soldiers executed a four-year-old Baloch girl along with her mother. Thereafter, the anger brewing in the Baloch people seems to have erupted in this fashion.   

Angry Baloch protestors, Pakistani soldiers 

Pakistan military is carrying out extreme atrocities against the Baloch people, and the crimes have intensified further in the last few weeks. Abduction and killing of Baloch leaders, activists, youth and women have become commonplace, and the Pakistan military is using its agents for this purpose. Baloch people and leaders are raising their voices against these atrocities. The Pakistan military, upset with these protests, seems to be crossing their limits of crimes against the Baloch people. Only last month, Pakistan military tried to terrorise the Baloch people by killing an innocent four-year-old girl along with her mother. The Baloch anger flared up after the incident.  

On the 10th of June, thousands of Baloch protestors attacked a Pakistan military post in one of the Baloch provinces. The demonstrators forced the Pakistani soldiers to retreat by pelting stones at them. The Pakistani soldiers escaped from the location to save their lives. But the protestors targeted and vandalised the military post. Since the last few days, the number of Baloch attacks on the Pakistan military has increased. Therefore, some of the journalists and analysts are asking whether Balochistan is another Bangladesh in the making. Balochistan is the wealthiest Pakistani region in terms of mining deposits. Nearly 50% of the Pakistan territory comes under Balochistan. Despite this, Balochistan has a very low population as compared to the other provinces. Taking advantage of this fact, all the Pakistan governments, irrespective of the party and including the military governments, have only exploited Balochistan. Therefore, the Baloch population have always been demanding freedom. Pakistan has made use of massive muscle power to suppress the voices of Baloch people. But now, vitriolic reactions are being received against these atrocities, and the Baloch leaders are claiming that the time has come for a decisive fight for independence. The worries for the Pakistan government are mounting as the appeals for freedom are gaining increasing support. 

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